Some of my work


English 333

This course has taught me so much about teaching english to elementary children. The book that we read is called About the Authors by Katie Wood Ray. She tells us all about what it is like to be a teacher and she explains what she does with english in her classroom. She talks about teaching children to write books and become authors so that way they can relate to the books they read in class. She talks these wide concepts that you are teaching children and creates mini lessons where they focus on one type of work, like poems or creating books about animals. Throughout the book she goes through how to make lesson plans and how to look broadly at the children work to see the improvement. In one part she talks about how spelling is not as important because that will come later on, but the children being able to be confident with their work is great. You can also see how they pick up little details about punctuation that were said.

The other part in this class is were we read mentor text and then create “makes” based on them. This part has helped me understand all the technology that is out there that is available from a teacher. We have created books online that if you wanted to you could pay to have a hard copy of the book. We also did a lesson on how to create a different version of the ABC’s. This is an amazing course for anyone that wants to become an elementary teacher.